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Stuart Circle Hospital Physicians

Dr. Carrington Williams Jr. passed away April 3, 2014.  He practiced general surgery in Richmond for 30 years, first with his father and later with his brother, Dr. Armstead Williams. He also served as a Clinical Professor of Surgery at MCV and chief of staff at Stuart Circle Hospital. He retired in 1989. He loved to teach in the Operating Room, but he was very strict about technique, as many students found out! In his way, he was easy to scrub with because he always asked for exactly what he wanted and never left the scrub nurse guessing.  He would always answer questions, and was a thorough teacher and an excellent surgeon.

Dr. James Darden attended the 2016 Alumni luncheon held April 16, 2016. Many remember Dr. Darden as a supportive teacher and friend, both on the floors and in the O.R.

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