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These pages will contain information about individual classes, SCH doctors and Staff Members who were not Stuart Circle Graduates. The will include tributes to people who had a large influence on student education/student life, as well as hospital mainstays. If there is someone you would like to recognize, please write your tribute and send it to Linda Morrell via e-mail. My address is below.

Class Information


Any graduate is welcome to send information about her class and/or pictures to the Alumni webmaster, Linda Morrell, Class of '70. E-mail address is: -  -  Please type SCH Alumni Business in the subject line, so I know it relates to the Alumni. Otherwise, I might miss it in the many e-mails I get from advertisers, etc!


If you send me information, I will create a page for your class. I am also starting pages for those classes where I know there have been deaths. My information on this only extends back to 2014 at this time. 


Persons in photos will not be identified without their permission to protect privacy. If permission is obtained by the person submitting the picture, please note this in the e-mail you send.  I will take your word for this, but I will save the e-mail as my proof of permission. With your help, we can make this a web site that graduates will enjoy visiting for many years to come!

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