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Work on this site is still in progress. There will be additons to the In Touch pages, and to the Picture Gallery on an ongoing basis. If you would like specific additions please e-mail Linda Morrell ('70) at

This website is maintained by the Stuart Circle Hospital School for Nurses Alumni as a tribute to 62 years of nursing education.
Stuart Circle Hospital School of Nursing Capping

Motto: Deo Per Homines Servire; To       Serve God Through Man

Stuart Circle Hospital and its School for Nurses are a closed chapter of history. The demise of the nursing school came after the 1975 graduation in September. The hospital was closed and the property sold to a developer in 2000. After much negotiation with the neighboring communities, who rightly value the old hospital and nurses' home buildings as the historic icons they are, the buildings have been renovated as luxury apartments/condominiums. The exteriors and many of the outstanding interior architectural features have been retained. But, alas, we, the remaining graduates of the Stuart Circle Hospital School for Nurses can never return to the place where we left our childhoods behind. It is fitting, therefore, that this website serve as a tribute to the hospital, the school, and all who made their individual contributions therin.


The Alumni Association of the School of Nursing continues to meet once a year at a luncheon event which is attended by graduates who sometimes come from far away to see their Stuart Circle sisters. We maintain this website in tribute to the hospital and the many graduates of the school. Our memories live on and in many cases, will be passed down to younger generations. Nursing education has marched on since our school closed, but its beginnings are rooted in schools like Stuart Circle.


The young people of today would never put up with the  treatment the diploma programs of the 20th century meted out. Working 40 hour days, sometimes plus class hours; responsibility for a floor full (up to 42) of patients often with only aides or orderlies for help; living in a dorm with a house mother who oversaw a sign-in/sign out book and made sure everyone was in by curfew;  disciplined  if one broke any rules; these would be too much for most 18, 19, and 20 year olds of today.  It is staggering to contemplate the level of responsibility placed on such young girls, but somehow, we met the challenge!  We are all proud to be graduates of the Stuart Circle Hospital School of Nursing.

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